Virgin Mary

Virgin MaryWe have no written historical evidence witnessing to the presence of the Virgin Mary in Anatolia. The Gospel mentions Mary when narrating the birth and childhood of Christ and, ‘en passant,’ only once during the public life. John himself, in the Gospel, mentions Mary twice: in the Cana wedding account and in that of the passion, telling us how Christ addressed his Mother from the cross entrusting to her the disciple he loved and entrusting to John his Mother. According to a very old local tradition, during the first persecution of the Christians in Jerusalem, in the year 49 A.D., the Apostles thought to put the Mother of the Lord in safety, and John, to whom the Lord had entrusted his Mother, accompanied Mary to Ephesus, where she might have lived, if not until she died, at least for some years, until the situation in Jerusalem changed. Meryem Ana Evi, or the House of Mother Mary is the Shrine, partly reconstructed, of the small house where the Blessed Virgin lived during her stay on the mountain overlooking Ephesus.

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