Saint Nicholas

Saint NicholasOne of the most popular Saints in the Christian world, his figure is shrouded in legends and folklore. Born in Patara, a port in the province of Lycia, around 270 A.D., we know that he was bishop of Myra at the time of Constantine the Great and that he took part in the first Ecumenical Council, Nicean l in 325 A.D. His remains rested in the church dedicated to God in his honour until 1087, when some Italian sailors from Bari, devotees of this Patron Saint of seafarers, succeeded in taking his relics to Bari, where they were laid in a Basilica built in his honour. His feast day is celebrated both in the east and west on December 6.Greece and Russia among other countries adopted him as their Patron Saint. Probably, the legend that he helped a poor father to provide a decent dowry for his 3 daughters, throwing the money through an open window, thus making it possible for them to get married, and also because his feast day falls so very close to Christmas, a day on which gifts are exchanged among relatives and friends, he became associated with this tradition. In northern Europe, Germany first, and then in Scandinavia and other countries worldwide, he became the legendary figure of Santa Clause, who brings presents to children on Christmas night.

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