Constantine The Great

Constantine The Great (280-337 A.D.)

Constantine the GreatConstantine the Great, son of Constantius Clorus and Helena, after defeating Licinius, transferred the capital of the whole Roman empire, east and west, from Rome to Byzantium. He took up the reconstruction of the city, which he wanted to be worthy to be considered “a second Rome”. He decreed that the Christian faith was the official religion of the state and the Church after 3 long centuries was able to come out in the open and breath freely without any fear of persecution. He built churches dedicated to Christ under different titles and one dedicated to Christ under different titles and one dedicated to the Twelve Holy Apostles, in which he wanted to be buried. He put an end to crucifixion as a death penalty and for the first time the cross adorned the imperial crown. He adapted the law code to the new religion and granted many privileges to the Church. He died in Nicomedia (Izmit) on May 22,337 and was buried according to his will in the Apostoleion, or the Church of the Holy Apostles.

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Constantine The Great